Interview with Inez social media guru!

How long have you been an influencer on twitter? Honestly, everything started in 2016 when I tweeted if anybody is interested in promotion. I didn't expect anything at all. I never really cared about Twitter long before that.

What is your go to food to eat? Sushi! Sushi is the best.

Where are you from? I'm from Malaysia. Not everyone knows that this country exists LOL

Do you have any siblings? I'm the only child in the family. That's why I hustle like a crazy person, almost 24/7 365/year.

What's a dream you had that came true? This may sound small but I always wished to have enough money to buy anything that I want. My family used to be so poor. So far, my life has been decent! Thank God!

For all of your fans, what advice do you have for growing on social media? I don't have fans, I'm not a celebrity. I'm just someone who likes to work on social media. One advice that I can give is consistency. Like I said I work almost 24/7. That's because I'm consistent in growing my social media. Oh and don't be afraid to invest in yourself!

Do you have a fav hobby? I don't really spend time for myself anymore which I should be but for now, I'm learning to play the piano :)

If you have one wish what would it be? To have unlimited money, it may sound ridiculous but I really wish I had unlimited money. I really love to donate and help people in need. That's one of my happiness!

When did you first become verified on Twitter? I think it was somewhere in 2017 when everything was a little bit easier. I hope Twitter will bring back the verification submission in the nearest future.

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